Pastor Mary ~ Ocean City Wedding Pastor

It’s a Family Affair

I cherish the title – Pastor Mary – Ocean City Wedding Pastor.
When I am contacted by a couple wanting to be married in and around Ocean City, MD., I always feel honored.
They not only found me, but took the time to contact me with their questions. I know that this is the wedding of their dreams – to be married in the open air, near the ocean and water. Maybe just the two of them – or with family and friends to share in that happiness.  My goal is to respond to each and every request as quickly as possible – because I DO understand that when you are planning, you are excited and want your answers NOW.

Pastor Mary ~ Ocean City Wedding Pastor

Romantic view of the Tropical Arbor, Tiki Torches filled with flowers and comfy chairs for the Wedding !

I don’t take it lightly that you are asking me to help you plan for your Beach Wedding. I am honored that you have contacted me for help as you plan your wedding day.

I take Joy in hearing each couple’s story about how they met, and how the two of them together, are unique and special to each other. I hear so many wonderful Love Stories. Each morning I look forward to reading new emails from Brides, and yes – many times Grooms !

What A Beautiful Wedding Crew !

After 14 years of weddings with Ocean City Weddings, 12 of those as the Pastor, I have so many ideas and creative ways that you can choose to personalize your day. Blending families is always most important to parents.  There are options for including you children in the celebration of the day. It is important that they understand that your celebration of love includes them completely.

Family Beach Unity Ceremony

In 1998, I built and opened a Wedding Chapel on the downtown Plaza in Salisbury – BEFORE I became the Ocean City Wedding Pastor.
I had a vision of stained glass cathedral windows and an indoor courtyard for celebrations. I achieved that for many couples… and two years later began ceremonies on the beach. I have never looked back !!
I grew up on the sand of the Daytona Beach, Florida. So I was thrilled to be on the beach 5 or 6 days each week ever since that time – to marry couples on Maryland’s Eastern Shore locations.

Everyone in Love is Welcomed Here

On October 23, 2000 I received my Ordination as Pastor. This is where I find the most joy in my job.  Planning and advising is great – performing the ceremonies – Awesome.

 I made the decision to become ordained as a non-denominational Pastor.  I wanted to welcome ALL couples regardless of their backgrounds, religion, gender or personal preferences. If theirs was a true and sincere love, then I wanted to be there for them whether they wanted a Same-Sex Marriage, Civil, Spiritual or Religious ceremony, I wanted to be able to provide that for them. I also wanted “my” couples to feel welcomed to create the vows they would say to each other, and to design their ceremony with music and readings from family and friends if they so wished.

Black Bamboo Arbor, Bamboo Aisle with Tropical Flowers and Comfy Chairs

And now I am known as Pastor Mary ~ .

So, from Pastor Mary – WELCOME!!
Thank you for finding me, and for considering having me officiate your wedding.

I look forward to hearing from you with all of your questions.

Until then ~ Pastor Mary

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