AS SEEN ON CMT !! My Big Redneck Wedding

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The archway was adorned with beer cans, that the couple obligingly emptied for the decorating.

There were bales of hay stacked on each side of the stage, and a couple of tailgates hooked from someone’s trucks !

The Bridesmaids wore electric orange t-shirts with pictures of the giant basset hounds on front.

The Bassett Hounds were the ring-bearers …….   they only lost the rings in the sand pit once, delaying the ceremony about 45 minutes.  After all, they were distracted by the mechanical bull for the reception.

The groomsmen wore John Deere shirts and hats, and neckties in the form of nooses hung from their necks.
The Bride truly glowed with happiness in her gown and the groom looked very sharp in his tux. It was a fun and light-hearted ceremony with a couple that I know truly does love each other.

It was an adventure, being involved in a Reality TV show.

My brother and nephew (one in Atlanta and the other in Arkansas) HEARD my voice as they were channel surfing and called me to say they saw the show.  I received calls from friends and high school buddies that I hadn’t talked to in too long, telling me they saw me.  That was worth it!

It seems John and Gail are still living happily ever after.

AND after all, I became ordained as a non-denominational Pastor, specifically so that I could welcome ALL couples in love who wanted to share their lives. 

No discrimination based on Religion, Race, Beliefs, Gender or Red-Neck affiliation.  I enjoy EVERY one of my couples !!

Pastor Mary

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  1. Ken & Christina Koehler says:

    Thank You So Much For Sharing Are Special Day. I Could Not Have Asked For A More Passionate And Wonderful Pastor! Even Though We Had To Brave The Cold And Wind On The 13th And Our Rose Petals Were Gone As Soon As The Box Was Opened….Lol! Your Photographer Was Amazing As Well, Especially Dealing With The Horrible Wind! I Can’t Wait To See Our Pictures And Can’t Thank You Both Enough!

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