Frequently Asked Questions

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Officiant Before You Book The Wedding  (as suggested by American Assoc. of Wedding Officiants)
  1. Are you registered to perform weddings in my location?
    Pastor Mary and the Officants that work with her when needed, are all ordained and able to perform your wedding ceremony nationally – but most importantly – anywhere on our Eastern Shore of Maryland for your wedding ceremony.

  2. How long have you  officiated weddings?
    Pastor Mary created and built the first Wedding Chapel on the shore in 1998, and has been ordained since 2000. With the many requests for beach and outdoor ceremonies, the Chapel was closed – as she opted to accommodate each couple in the locations of their choice.

  3. About how many weddings you do per year?
    Pastor Mary and Ocean City Weddings perform 200 + ceremonies each year.

  4. What training have you had?
    Many hours of study on ceremonies, traditions – spiritual and civil ceremonies that can be relate-able to all couples, catering to specific religious requests….While we are a non-denominational based service, we design ceremonies that fit each couple’s request to include family and cultural tradition and ceremonies of their preference.

  5. Will you go to my location to do a ceremony?

  6. What type of ceremonies will you perform?
    Non-Denominational, Same Sex, Religious, Spiritual (most popular) Civil ……..  What is your request?  To date I have not been asked to perform any ceremony that is not appropriate for a celebration of joining two people in love.

  7. What are your rules as to photography ?
    We do provide seasoned personal wedding photographers for your ceremony, who have been with Ocean City Weddings for many years, and know how to capture the emotion of your ceremony and guests – as well as those treasured memories of just the two of you after…

  8. Is  pre-marital counseling required?
    No.  Also, I have designed a “Just Between The Two of You” counseling series that you can receive directly from my website.  Regardless of whether or not you are marrying with Ocean City Weddings – the tow of you can go through this series together in private. It is a valuable series of information about each other. Your choice.

  9. Do you have ceremony samples?
    Yes.  As I am working with couples, I will provide my ceremony, as well as several others, and many choices to create your own.

  10. What are the fees charged?
    We offer packages from Minister Only, all the way up to Tropical Beach Celebrations.  Each is priced differently with different options.  All are viewable on this website.

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