Valentine’s Day Romance is in the Air

Valentine’s Sweethearts Special

Ceremonies beautifully designed for Sweethearts on their wedding day
Surrounded by : Romantic music setting the mood and softly surrounding you ~
With Love and Romance in the air,  you will walk hand in hand through
a path of Flowers, Candlelight and Lanterns.  Whisking you to the ‘altar’ under the arbor
of softly flowing white and pink gossamer sheers, pulled back with cascading flowers
and white balloons floating in the air, you will pledge your love and commitment
to one another.
This beautiful new special event location for your Wedding Day, hosts this first-ever local ~


Tuesday, February 14th   2:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Sweethearts Wedding Package
Wedding Officiant
(Civil or Romantic Ceremony)
Couple will receive their personalized ceremony as a Keepsake
Hand Bouquet for Bride
Heavy Gourmet Hors d’oeuvres Buffet
Champagne Toast
(Sparkling Cider on request)
Wedding Cake for Couple to share
One Portrait of Couple Included

           Includes Heavy Gourmet Hors d’oeuvres Buffet
Celebration Cupcakes
Tea, Coffee and Soda

          $35 each
Cash Bar available

Professional Wedding Photographer will capture Your Ceremony, Guests and Couple Portraits
Additional fee of $150 for Digital Folder of all images with copyright release

Contact Reign Event Center at 410-572-4763
to get additional details – Go to:   http://OceanCity.Wedding/popup-weddings.html
Contact with any questions

MAXIMUM of 8 Weddings will be scheduled.           RESERVE YOURS TODAY !


It’s the time of year when we plan ahead and reflect on this past season.
During these first few months of the year, it is always surprising how many couples want to venture out to have a very private and beautiful wedding ceremony on the beach.

And so…. for 2017 we have Just posted our SPECIAL – Winter Wedding Pricing.

RESERVE NOW – for  “Winter Wedding Pricing” on all Wedding Ceremonies reserved to take place through March 2017.  On the Beach or anywhere else!!
We miss our Summer Couples, and look forward to a newly engaged adventurous Couple who wants the beach to themselves and doesn’t mind some cool weather.  The skies are spectacular in colder weather !

You benefit, when we don’t have to leave hours early to fight the traffic!

Wedding Officiant Only  **$350**    $400 in-season
INCLUDES Beach Unity (Sand) Ceremony for Couple or Rose Petals for guests
or Seashell Blessing for Couple and Guests at Waters Edge

Officiant Only – Without the Added Ceremony       **$300**  $350 in-season

Just The Two of You to ‘Say I DO’
   **$550**   $600 in-season
Simply You, Your Officiant and Photographer
(30 minutes of photography)

Special Winter Wedding  Pricing in Ocean City, MD.

Wedding Officiant and Photographer     
One hour of photography, all photos and copyright in digital folder
**$750**   $850 in – season

Rehearsal with wedding party   **$100**   $150 in-season
(**$0** additional for Rehearsals in Rehoboth to Lewes areas)

Phone Consultation Always Available and Unlimited Email Consults

Send an email to  to request Reservation form
and to ask any questions you may have.

How Much Are Wedding Planners

Wedding Planner Prices

Q: How much do wedding planners charge?

A: A planner charges in one of three ways: a flat fee, an hourly rate, or a percentage of your overall wedding bill. Costs vary from 10 percent on the lower end to 20 percent on the higher end of the spectrum. Most planners charge flat fees these days, but regardless of which way your planner charges, if you want a full-service scenario, estimate about 15 percent of your wedding budget. (So if your budget is $100,000, for example, set aside $15,000.) Fees for wedding-day coordination vary widely. While it can seem like a big investment, between private discounts, budget control, and creative solutions, hiring a wedding planner will help you make the absolute most of your wedding budget.

Presented to you for your education and planning purposes – Directly from The Knot

Wedding Planning


Enjoy Being Newlyweds

You were Just Married !!  Congrats !  Best Wishes !  WOO HOOOOO !!!
Everything you have been dreaming about, wishing for, planning on for these past however many months – has happened.
You enjoyed an incredible wedding ceremony with your chosen family and friends around you.  You celebrated together
and enjoyed much laughter and the adventure of marriage now lies ahead.

Don’t rush right on to the next step quite so fast!

Your ‘just completed’ exhilarating experience was centered completely on the two you. Now it is over, and you are back home wit no hoopla, frantic phone calls, excited planning meetings happening.
It can be kind of a let down from the frenetic planning pace you had set in your life as the constant ‘GO’ Button.

Enjoy Being Newlyweds

Enjoy Being Newlyweds

The inevitable ‘bridal blues’ could very well hit you right now – when you expect to be your happiest.
KEEP IN MIND –  that this does NOT mean you should run to the next big life thing, like planning babies and looking for homes.

THIS is your time to relax together – to really settle in and enjoy the freed-up time and just relish in the glow and feeling of just being newlyweds!
Appreciate this time as that wonderful experience it is.  Granted – not as busy and a bit less thrilling than the planning and anticipation of your wedding.
But it is YOUR time – snuggle into each other and enjoy that satisfied smile.

Pastor Mary


Beach Wedding Permit

Ocean City Wedding


There is no cost to the permit – However, Ocean City does request to know when and where you will be holding your ceremony on their beaches.  TOWN-HOSTED Special Events do come first – HOWEVER, you will want to know if there is a conflict, since you wouldn’t want to have your wedding ceremony spoiled by for instance, THE DEW TOUR or a VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT!!

You can check the list of special events in Ocean City by going to this link:


Please copy and paste this form into an email to the Mayor’s Office at

OR Mail it to: Mayor’s Office  PO Box 158  Ocean City, MD. 21842

OR fax it to : 410-289-7385

Wedding Parties in excess of 100 participants are NOT PERMITTED

Beach Wedding Notification Form for Ocean City, Maryland
Ceremony with Ocean City Weddings   ~ 
Pastor Mary Mazzullo

Name _______________________________________________________________________

Phone # _____________________________________________________________________

Wedding Date and Time: ________________________________________________________

Wedding Location _____________________________________________________________
Street Name or in front of Hotel or Location Name at Street Name

Number of Guests ______________________________________________________________

Where will you be staying? _______________________________________________________
Hotel or Motel

How Many Nights ______________________________________________________________

Reception Location _____________________________________________________________

How did you choose Ocean City as your wedding location ? _____________________________


From what State are you visiting? _________________________________________________

Comments: ___________________________________________________________________

Thank You for choosing Ocean City as your wedding location.  We welcome you and your guests.  Have a wonderful celebration in our town.  Be Safe and Be Happy Always.
Best Wishes from the Ocean City Mayor’s Office    410-603-9918

Ocean City Weddings

Ocean City Weddings

Ocean City Weddings

Pastor Mary Mazzullo
305 Union Avenue
Salisbury, MD. 21801

Wedding Photo Albums

Beach Weddings – are more flexible and less expensive, as we are able to save our couples money
by sending the Digital Folder of wedding photos, along with a copyright release to allow couples to print the photos they want.
Now every couple wants every photo – but they don’t want to print every photo!
They want to see how their family and friends were enjoying the celebration, but not necessarily have that printed out.

That’s where digital folders come in handy. You can view them again and again and it never costs another penny.

Ocean City Weddings was the first company to offer photography delivered in this manner.  We did from a couple of years in of our beginning date.
As a photographer and the founder of Ocean City Weddings, I knew that it is the couple who wants all of their photos – not ME.
And i really did NOT feel right about charging more for the photos we had already taken.
Why would I want them just sitting on a shelf to never be enjoyed ?

We decided to limit the photography to an hour, including the ceremony (which is about 15 minutes). 45 minutes is plenty of time to get the family pics and couples portraits. These are the photos that each couple is definitely interested in having for their memories.

If the guest list is especially large, and the couple wants lots of pics with their friends and extended family,
then we are glad to add on additional time, and charge a fair fee for that added service.
Our prices are still extremely reasonable and affordable, and this setup keeps costs down for the majority of couples,
and not much additional for the larger groups.

Wedding Photo Albums

NOW … on to the wedding photo album question.  DO IT!  Create your album as soon as you can.
Take the photos, copy them to a disc and choose the ones you want to print, and the sizes you want them to be printed.
(Put those images all on a separate disc to keep in case of computer crash) and either go to your local store to have them printed –
always take the copyright release on the disc as well…. OR simply send a digital file to your online photos printer of choice.

It is so simple these days.

Shop online for the photo album that suits what you want to cherish, and have fun placing your images in your album.

But don’t wait a year or longer. Don’t let the digital images just sit there is a folder. PRint them – and remember to ask family and attendants, even couples ho were there if they want some photos.  THEN – Give Them the Link To Your Photo Album Online – and ;let them order their own. DO NOT order for everyone. That never works out. However, a great wallet size pic of you in the TY note is always nice.

You will never get around to it if you wait too long. And albums are so much fun to look through from time to time. So, DO IT !

Pastor Mary 


Maryland Marriage License

Don’t forget to request copies of your marriage certificate.
Why? You are going to need them as you make names changes and beneficiary changes to licenses, documents, deeds, accounts…. etc.
You will need them for changing your last name, getting a new passports and/or drivers license and merging bank accounts.
Included inside of you marriage license, is a form to order copies – CERTIFIED COPIES – (which will be required) as you update all of your documents.
Order at least two right away, so that each of you has one to work with.
This one simple thing makes the process a little easier and much more efficient.

Pastor Mary

Get Certified Marriage License Copies

Get Certified Marriage License Copies


Why Reserve With Ocean City Weddings

Why Reserve Your Beach Destination Wedding with Ocean City Weddings?

Planning a Beach Destination Wedding can seem like an insurmountable task
when you set out to plan it on your own.

You have never planned your own wedding before, and you quickly realize that
there is much more time and expertise needed than you would have thought!

Ocean City Weddings has been assisting couples in planning their weddings and
celebrations for 19 years, and we have streamlined the process to make it simple for you.
We are here to schedule the ceremony of your dreams, and to give you advice, suggestions
and answers for all of your questions.

We are Specialists at giving you peace of mind as you plan for,
and enjoy all of the celebration centered around your Wedding Day.

Is Ocean City Weddings Experienced

How Much Experience Do You Have?

Nineteen Years of working with couples to plan their weddings on the Eastern Shore
of Maryland from Salisbury to Assateague Island to Ocean City – and in Delaware from Fenwick to Lewes.

We have been involved in planning and performing wedding ceremonies
and to giving our best contacts and recommendations for your celebrations after.

To date in 2016 we are closing in on 2000 happily completed wedding ceremonies performed!
We are continually updating what we offer and how we perform and provide services,
to remain current with the wishes of the Brides each new season.