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There is no cost to the permit – However, Ocean City does request to know when and where you will be holding your ceremony on their beaches.  TOWN-HOSTED Special Events do come first – HOWEVER, you will want to know if there is a conflict, since you wouldn’t want to have your wedding ceremony spoiled by for instance, THE DEW TOUR or a VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT!!

You can check the list of special events in Ocean City by going to this link:


Please copy and paste this form into an email to the Mayor’s Office at

OR Mail it to: Mayor’s Office  PO Box 158  Ocean City, MD. 21842

OR fax it to : 410-289-7385

Wedding Parties in excess of 100 participants are NOT PERMITTED

Beach Wedding Notification Form for Ocean City, Maryland
Ceremony with Ocean City Weddings   ~ 
Pastor Mary Mazzullo

Name _______________________________________________________________________

Phone # _____________________________________________________________________

Wedding Date and Time: ________________________________________________________

Wedding Location _____________________________________________________________
Street Name or in front of Hotel or Location Name at Street Name

Number of Guests ______________________________________________________________

Where will you be staying? _______________________________________________________
Hotel or Motel

How Many Nights ______________________________________________________________

Reception Location _____________________________________________________________

How did you choose Ocean City as your wedding location ? _____________________________


From what State are you visiting? _________________________________________________

Comments: ___________________________________________________________________

Thank You for choosing Ocean City as your wedding location.  We welcome you and your guests.  Have a wonderful celebration in our town.  Be Safe and Be Happy Always.
Best Wishes from the Ocean City Mayor’s Office    410-603-9918

Ocean City Weddings

Ocean City Weddings

Ocean City Weddings

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