Beach Wedding Invitations

Beach Wedding Invitations

Your beach wedding invitations do not have to be formal if you want to carry out your theme of a casual beach wedding. Your choice of invitations can determine the overall feel and tone of your celebration.

 Beach wedding invitations can have a beach graphic on them, like a photograph of a beach scene or shells washed up with the tides. Other good photographic choices might be sunsets and sunrises over the ocean or a simple pelican sitting on top of a pier.  You know – if you don’t have one, just check out some sock photo sites and you will find the perfect one for you.

A clever way to invite people to your wedding would be a message in a small plastic bottle with a little sand on the bottom. Use light paper with a beach theme or color, write the message and roll it tightly and tie it with a piece of silky ribbon. Before putting the cork on top, run a piece of ribbon attached to the invitation out of the bottle so your guests can get to it without a hammer.

You can buy large seashells, decorate them with gold or silver glitter, and tuck your invitation inside. Some tiny, metallic, colorful stars or shells sprinkled in the larger shells with your invitation would carry out your theme. Check craft and wedding stores for bags of glitter or design cutouts.

Your imagination is your only boundary here. Be creative.  And of course these days, it pays to visit Pinterest.  There are some very creative wedding designs there to grab as your own.  Just do a search for Beach Wedding Invitations and sit tight – TONS will pop up in front of you!

Enjoy !

Let me know how I can help as you are planning.
Until then , Pastor Mary

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