Beach Wedding Favors

How To Choose Beach Wedding Favors

Seaside weddings are very romantic and usually casual and intimate at the same time. Like any traditional wedding, your favors for your guests need to reflect the mood and decoration of your ceremony, as well as each of your personalities.

Your family and friends will love non-traditional, but related favors that will remind them of your special day for years. Favors are also the way you and your fiancé say thank you to your guests, so make them special.

Your selection will depend a lot on your wedding plans. If you are having a sit-down reception, your favors could double as place cards since they would have the names of your guests already on them. A festive barbecue buffet would be perfect for a more whimsical favor, like wind chimes made out of driftwood and shells.

When you are thinking about wedding favors that complement the beach setting, consider creating your own. You can buy large clam shells, spray them gold and sprinkle some clean white sand in the wet paint to make a perfect holder for whatever you want to put in the shell, like miniature soaps in fish, dolphin or shell shapes.

Another suggestion for the clam shell holders, is foil-wrapped chocolates, a small bag of exotic nuts and a miniature bottle or two of an expensive liquor…a miniature party in a golden shell. Round, short candles that would fit nicely in the half shell are also welcome favors.

If you want larger favors, use colorful plastic beach buckets filled with suntan lotion, a tube of bug repellant, flip-flops and inexpensive sun visors.

Food, of course is always welcome. Your hotel might even offer a service for baking and wrapping small cakes or cookies so your favor treat would be fresh when you use them at your wedding reception.

Let your imagination design your favors for you. If your wedding ceremony is fun and full of the beach colors, sounds and scents, echo those feelings with your favors.

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