Beach Wedding Attire

Beach Wedding Attire

For a beach wedding you do not want to copy all the formal attire found at any wedding you’ve attended in the past or dreamed over in bridal magazines. You can be elegant and casual at the same time with a little attention to some of the practicalities involved in a beach wedding.

Beach Wedding Attire ~ For The Bride:

In any wedding the major consideration for the bride is her wedding dress and, while a beach wedding might be more casual, it is no exception to this huge detail.

Your first concern if you getting married on the sand, is staying cool in the sun,
This means avoiding heavy fabrics and absolutely NO ONE (maybe grandma) wears stockings. Some people will tell you to keep in mind is that long bridal gown trains are not practical in sand or sea breezes. I’m not so sure about that.  We have captured absolutely stunning photographs of just this during many weddings.  By no means it is essential or even important.  But if it is your dream, by all means do what you have dreamed about.

Traditional veils, may need to be weighted down, and loose hats need to be firmly attached so a sharp breeze doesn’t send your decorated wedding hat out to float on the tide.

Consider selecting a strapless satin sheath or sarong style wedding dress.  Beach Weddings have become so extremely popular, that Beach Wedding Attire has followed right along.  You will find many stores and websites dedicated to exactly what you are looking for.  Check out my blog post on affordable wedding gowns.  Gorgeous and inexpensive.  You won’t even mind getting salt water on them for the awesome photos you want!

Either type of beach wedding attire will cling to your body, showing off your curves. They can provide an elegant, casual look and blend in with your island/beach atmosphere. Make sure you have your selection hemmed up some to allow for your feet sinking slightly into the sand when you walk up “the aisle.”  You will find this one tiny tip to be HUGELY important if you have ever seen a bride trudge through the sand not realizing that with no shoes and soft sand – she would become shorter than hen she tried her dress on in the store.

High heels and hose will not work easily for beach weddings. Your heels will sink into the sand and your elegant glide to the altar will be very clumsy and ugly. A good, classy alternative could be dressy sandals. You might want to think about going barefoot, which is perfect for the beach.  Always keep in mind though – the sand can become hot – very hot – depending on the time of day and time of year your wedding is planned.

For The Groom:

With his bride looking casually elegant in her beach wedding attire, the groom will not want to wear a tux, suit or even a jacket on the beach when he weds the love of his life.

Light, tropical slacks and a casual dress shirt are popular selections for grooms to wear for their beach wedding attire. Wedding planners often suggest the groom select an outfit that reflects the soft hues of the beach and the ocean, like tan, white, cream or blue. Cotton or linen fabric is preferable and cooler than any other normal fabric you can wear for your beach wedding.

Aloha and Mexican wedding shirts look classy and cool and are often the choice of grooms. Shoes can be sandals or loafers. Going barefoot or even sandals or flip flops to match the bride is also an option.

Now, Go Shopping for YOUR Beach Wedding Attire and Have A Blast !!

I look forward to talking with you anytime –

Until then ~ Pastor Mary

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