Beach Wedding Arbor Setups

A couple of views of our Beach Wedding Arbor Setups….

They can be created many different ways.  Just ask us !

Our White Wedding Arbor                                              The MOST comfy Beach Chairs for Your Wedding !!

                                  AND VARIED AS OUR WEDDING COUPLES !!
We have a White Wedding Arbor, that can be decorated with our Tropical Flowers Swag, Bamboo Torches filled with the same flowers …. 10 of THE MOST COMFORTABLE CHAIRS of any wedding ceremony on the beach !

Our BLACK BAMBOO ARBOR quickly became popular this season – decorated twice now in CAROLINA BLUE– at our Southern Couples requests.   Also popping with colors, as the arbor and black bamboo aisle are adorned with two palm trees, and hibiscus woven through the bamboo aisle walkway.

Black Bamboo Arbor, Bamboo Aisle with Tropical Flowers and Comfy Chairs

Bride and Groom starring in the center, with friends they love, gathered beside

Everyone in Love is Welcomed Here


With Family and Friends Gathered With Them on the Beach….

What A Beautiful Wedding Crew !

Peace Lily Wedding Ring and Goofy Socks !

Our Huge three-section Natural Bamboo Wedding Arbor welcomes couples with several attendants, to make their photos really look sharp !    Your choice of how you want it decorated ….  The Bamboo Aisle can host white flowers, and white flowers can be dripping form the torches …. You can select the red and orangetropical Hibiscus and the tropical flowers……  There are SO many ways, with all of our options, to personalize YOUR wedding setup to your taste !

Natural Bamboo Arbor with 3 Sections for Larger Wedding Parties

The largest and most comfortable beach wedding

Most Comfy Wedding Chairs on the Beach

chairs in all of the Eastern Shore of Maryland’s Beaches.
So, welcome your friends and family – give them a great view, comfortable seats, and the joy of being with you for your wedding.

Our White Wedding Arbor setup with Tropical flowers and torches, and Tropical Flowers Swag

Black Tropical Wedding Arbor

Natural Bamboo Wedding Arbor ….Closeup View of Arbor Only

Black Bamboo Wedding Setup … Blue and White Flowers, Black Bamboo Aisle w/ Blue and White Flowers, Tropical Palm Trees

Black Bamboo Setup with Tropical Flowers ~ Black Bamboo Aisle with Hibiscus and Greenery

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